Moderationion of panel discussions or business events

Planning to guide through the next company event or host a panel on one of your research topics? As a professional moderator, Julia will share her knowledge and experience with you.

Whether for efficient meetings or modern workshop moderation: During this training you will learn how to confidently guide your audience through a structured meeting day - and add a little color to the agenda.

Learn how to prepare a successful moderation or discussion, present information in an understandable way, highlight core messages, involve and challenge participants and how to summarize a meeting defining follow-up actions. Camera-analysis, the use of flip charts and other props can be included during on site trainings. During digital training sessions, Julia can advise on how to act in front of your computer’s camera.

Learn how to...

  • ...prepare a successful moderation or discussion
  • ...present information in an understandable way
  • ...involve and challenge participants
  • ...summarize a meeting appealingly

Individual consultation and uniquely designed custom-made courses: Online and offline. Everything is possible.

Everything is possible.

Individual consultation and uniquely designed custom-made courses: Everything is possible.